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Tainted Springs

Innocence is a lie

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Welcome to Tainted Springs


In this community you must be 18 to join. Sorry, but mature content is often played in here and I think it is for the best.


Important Links

here are some important links that if you join this community you need to have checked out.

Wikipedia information on Franklin Springs

Other information about Franklin Springs you might find interesting.

Emmanuel College Website

Campus Map (Important if your character is to be a student at the college.)



Must post once a week (literally once in seven days) for the first month. if you miss even one post without notifying us with a valid excuse, you will be booted. No warning.

Member Policies

You must be 18 to Join Exceptions will be made on some occasions contact me for more information.

Maximum of 2 Characters per person Contact me for possible exceptions

If you are a main character you must post atleast once one time a week if you are a "backburner" character every week and a half

Must post once a week. If you cannot post for a while, you must let the moderators ( know. Commenting in posts does NOT count as posting. So that is not an excuse.

respect. Flaming and bitching is not tolerated. So unless you like being bitched right back at, don't do it. You must post ALL major plot lines into the OOC before writing about it. It might change the course of some players already existing SLs and needs approval. An example of a major plot line would be one that would takes up more than just your character. Anything that detracts from others MUST be posted into the OOC.

Three strikes and you're out. This means three no-posts in a row, disrespect, and breaking of any of the other rules. You will get warnings number one and two in the OOC, but number three and you're ejected.

Graphic scenes must be put behind a cut tag (this includes graphic language)

If the mod says it, it goes. Do not argue with us and do not bad mouth us to another mod or other members we will find out

Respect the other Players and the MODs

No typin lik dis it is very annoying and hard to read

only 6 Original Characters are allowed and must be approved and come bearing a plot before you can be added. 2 Slayers, 2 watchers and 2 towns people

For Application information email either HERE OR HERE

Also must join the OOC at springs_ooc

Cast List:

Watchers (only 2 OCS allowed)
Rupert Giles - frisky_watcher
Alexandra Whitney - sexybritalex

Slayers (only 2 OCS allowed)

Buffy - oreosnapplejuic
Faith - badass_slayer
Angelina Christienson - wannabe_slayer


Willow Rosenberg - yammerer_willow
Dawn Summers - _dawn_summers_
Xander Harris - seerxander

Angel Investigations

Angel - championbrooder

Wesley Wyndham Pryce brittish_ponce
Cordelia Chase - messiah_me

Illyria/Fred Pending fatalblue
Lorne - lornegreen

Gunn call_me_gunn
Spike mad_poet_spike


Riley Finn -- double_o_finn
Connor Reilly -- connedconnor
Gwen Raiden -- maximum_voltage
Robin Wood -- son_of_a_slayer

We have an NPC journal springs_npc that will be used for all NPC players, you have access to it, and may upload one user icon for your npc player.

Available Characters

Riley Finn


Several years after the collapse of Sunnydale, and two years after the collapse of Wolfram and Hart, Angel and his team are in hiding. Only the council, still in England and ever on the watch for new threats, knows where they are.

Then one day, Giles gets a call out of the blue. He is told that there is a new threat building. However, he feels the need to question this new threat as it is located in a small town in Georgia called Franklin Springs. The town of Franklin Springs, if you can call it a town, has but a flower shop owned by the Hart family, a college named Emmanuel, and a book store/post office. Giles goes ahead and sends a slayer team anyway, as the threat remains dormant. Then one night, some students lead a couple of the younger slayers up into the hills - and those two young slayers end up dead. Unsure of how this happened and what students have done this foul deed, Giles calls in Angel and his team to Franklin Springs to solve this lethal, evil mystery...