Gwen Raiden (maximum_voltage) wrote in taintedsprings,
Gwen Raiden

I fight a wave of nausea as the crazy bitch zips us to some basement. I watch her leave and feel my paralysis diminish, falling to my knees and coughing, swallowing repeatedly to keep from vomiting. I take several deep breaths, before standing, looking for a way out. I walk up the stairs where I saw her leave and start yelling. "You crazy fucking bitch! You think you can just fucking keep me here!??!" I start feeling around the door, looking for any kind of current running behind the walls. I know I can get out of here if I can just find something to work with. I growl as I feel a faint current, but as I try to tap into it, I feel some kind of magical barrier around it. I pound on the door with my fists, yelling louder as I feel the door not even giving at all beneath my fists. It's obvious Willow doesn't intend to let me out. I keep screaming, hoping someone, ANYONE will hear me.

((open to anyone in the house that might hear her screaming hee))
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