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New house? Wha...?


I was excited that Angel believed me. Giles, I think was still a little, uncomfortable, but he'll get over it. He'll see, that I'm the ol' Cordy...eventually.

We were on our way to the house. I'm interested to see this house. This place is complete, I repeat, dullsville, so I hope we're not staying in a shack of some kind. I'd die. Plus, it has to be huge to fit all of us in there. I just better have my own room and bathroom. I'd even settle for a room with Angel. As long as we had our own bathroom.

Oh God! No one knows I'm back. I'm going to get flamed the same way Giles did. My stomach turned. I was anxious to see everyone and excited, but they most likely wouldn't have the same response. And, who could blame them? I almost destroyed the world with my evil spawn. Me? Out of all people. Why would they trust me?

I put my head down, as I stuck close to Angel. I clung to his arm, like I never wanted to let go. I hope he didn't noticed. Then, he'd ask me what's wrong and I wasn't going to tell him, in front of Giles.

"Are we almost there, yet?", I asked. I just wanted to take a nice hot bath, and get some much needed sleep.


Well, I got my much needed bath and sleep. Not to mention this place is to die for. When we were walking up to the house last night, I had no idea it was ours. Oh my god, I almost squealed when Giles said this is the place. I wanted to hug him, forever.

The house was beautiful. My room was perfect. It was so me. I also have my own bathroom with a jacuzzi tub. Talk about living the high life. It's hick's town, no less. Angel's room was just across from me. I'm glad he was close by. His room was great too. This whole house is amazing.

I didn't stay around too long. I just wanted to sleep. So, I wasn't ready to make my grand entrance, until today. I'm keeping my hopes high, even if I get any kind of backlash from everyone. Maybe, I'm just overreacting. They wouldn't do that to me and turn their backs on me, that quick. Would they? I"m sure Angel wouldn't let them do that to me, anyway. I had to talk to Angel about this whole ordeal.

After brushing my teeth and dressing, I walked to Angel's room. I knocked on the door lightly.

"Angel. Can I come me? It's me Cordy."

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