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Robin Wood

"Could you boys keep it down!" I let out a sigh. "Nevermind me, please feel free to waste your college years. Not like any of you will be productive members of society anyway..."

My screaming turned into mumbling as I shut the door to my room.

Of course there were more important things going on in this town than a bunch of rambunctious college boys, but knowing that didn't help my headache any.

Then again maybe that's just what I needed. To focus on the more important matters.

The gossip around the mens dorms is that something strange is happening over at one of the women's dorms. And while I highly doubt that several of the students living there are actually sex crazed extraterrestrials, who will kill you after they 'get what they want.' It doesn't take much to tell something about this town isn't right. Sure it may seem normal. Or as normal as a southern town populated almost solely by white hill folk and absent minded college students can be. But if you know where to look it isn't that hard to see this place has a not only seedy but somewhat supernatural underbelly.

Also from what I've heard the slayer's ex, the slayer being Buffy, had joined our little group. Personally, I say it's a good thing. Can always use another player on our side.

Besides that, I'm fresh out of new information. And therefore now would seem like a good time for a little recon. Just hope if I get in any real trouble someone will have my back. Hopefully someone not of the vampire variety. Maybe someone of the the slayer variety, attitude problem. Who am I kidding? I'd take Giles as backup at this point. I just need to get away from these boys, even if it is only for a while.

As I stuffed a stake into my pocket I left my room and headed out the building. Then, I turned and looked at the fine young men of Wellons Hall. It was my job to keep an eye on them. "Hey guys, I'm leaving. Stay out of trouble. And please, don't do anything stupid." I shook my head as I continued out the door. They didn't hear me. For one thing I wasn't talking loud enough. Even if I had been, it's a little to late for them to either stay out of trouble or not do anything stupid. Best I can hope for at this point is that they don't poke their eyes out and that there's either a trash can or toilet nearby when they eventually throw up. Which, I'm willing to bet, most of them will. Kids these days. And to think, I spent college studying.

Once I had escaped my own personal prison I thought about where to go next. I couldn't exactly go sneaking around the girls dorms. Well, I could. But then I'd get thrown out. And as tempting as that sounds, I have a job to do.

I ended up deciding to walk around campus. With any luck one our group would see me and decide to tag along. If not, I'm pretty sure I can handle myself.

(Open to Faith or anyone who feels so inclined)
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Restless was not even word for it man. I never really dug school to begin with, and without any action the past couple of nights I was really startin' to think this job was bunk and it was time to beat it. If I didn't respect the G-man so much I probably would have bailed by now.

These chick-lets all up in here, hormones-a-ragin', writing in their diaries about the little boys a few buildings over, it was just buggin' me out. I needed some action. I was trippin' off the lack of slay-age like a needle freak jonesin' for their next fix.

Stake in hand, I headed out onto campus to see what was shakin' in this dead ass little town.

Guess I wasn't the only one itchin' to burn off some energy. I wasn't out here more then a few minutes before runnin' in Wood...again.

"Hey! You stalkin' me, coz I swear we've played this scene already?" I smiled remembering our last attempt to tear up this one horse town.
'Hey! You stalkin' me, coz I swear we've played this scene already?'

"Me stalkin' you? You sure you don't have your who's who mixed up, cause it seems to me every time I go out for a walk, you just happen to be there. Little strange, don't you think?"

I gave her a half smile, and let out a sigh of relief at the lack of kids out on campus at the moment. Thank God for small favors. I was about to crack in there.

"No, I just needed to get out of there. You know, Wellons, that wonderful place to which Giles has doomed me for all eternity. Have you ever been around college boys? Okay, forget I asked. But seriously? Isn't this a place for higher learning? At least in theory? They could at least do the decent thing and put on some sort of facade."

As much as would have loved to go on talking about those boys all night, and I'm sure that Faith would've found it fascinating, I decided it was time for a change of subject. And with any luck, venue.

"So what's on your agenda for the night, if you don't mind me asking?"
I placed my hand over my heart and fained surprise at his accusation. He smiled a sexy little half smile then sighed, before goin' into some spiel about the boy at Wellons.

"So what's on your agenda for the night, if you don't mind me asking?"

"I thought I'd go club hoppin', vandalize a few police vehicles, stakes some vamps," Then in my best 'I'm-a-dingy-blond' impression, "come back here for a nice warm bubble bath."

So yeah, I was totally hearin' him on this hole college experience thing.

"You patrolin'? 'Cause I can step off your beat, wouldn't wanna go makin' myself a nuisance and all."

I flashed him a smile that he could take any way he damned well pleased. Knocking boots with the good 'ol ex-principle was lookin' like a damn good time if you ask me. At least there would be some sort action goin' on in this town.