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Another bloody boring day at the house. We haven't done bloody much since we got here, it's a hoot, let me tell you. Can't get enough of this small Christian town that I have to hide from or I'll get arrested because of my heathen looks. Bollocks.

If it wasn't for Angelina, I would have left. Another slayer, but she's not like bloody Buffy. She's...well she's hotter, wears way more leather, and not breaking my heart just yet. We've been talking, actual talk, for a few days now. I'm wishing there could be some action, but I don't want another slayer kicking my ass, so talk it is. For now.

I've already snooped every nook and cranny of this house, and so has that blue freak. She was following me around the other day, and almost started a fight with me. Bloody hell she's annoying, and pining after Wesley like nobody's business. She's more pathetic than me right now. Won't leave the house much or anything. I think she might be depressed, if that's possible for her.

Anyway, so here I sit, hanging out by the telly and watching whatever's on...I wish Passions was on, but it just ended. I'm so bloody bored, I wish Angelina were here...

[Open to Angelina]
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