Gwen Raiden (maximum_voltage) wrote in taintedsprings,
Gwen Raiden

Just arriving.

I swing my leg over the side of my motorcycle, looking at the nicest hotel in Franklin Springs, which isn't really saying much. "What the hell were you thinking Gwen?" I ask myself as I hoist a duffle bag over my shoulder and grab the other suitcase strapped to the back of my bike. I check in and take my bags upstairs, flopping on the bed. I look at my cell phone and wonder if I should dial Angel's number, doubtful that he'd answer anyway. I shrug and dial, rolling my eyes when his voicemail picks up, not bothering to leave a message. I pick up the phone in the room, calling the front desk. "Yes, hello, are there any decent oriental restaurants around here? Excellent, thank you." I hang up and grab my keys, heading out. I jump on my bike and drive to the restaurant, waiting to be seated.
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