tainted_xx_soul (tainted_xx_soul) wrote in taintedsprings,

I am so.....UNCLEAN!!!

That was THE most horrible experience of my life!!! I don't know why I put up with the damn Harts...they tell me to do something....I do it, annd they VIOLATE ME for doing what they told me to do!!! I swear one day I'm going to get so mad that they won't see me comming....

I don't even fell like recalling what happened in that room with Mrs. Hart, things just went from bad to worse when the chains came off and the ropes went on....ugh...I jsut wanted to get out of there along with Nicollette....I didn't even know where she went...Hart's son took her somewhere in the house and I went and looked for her after I was beaten and tourtured by Mrs. Hart. Stumbling around all over the house until Bonsworth err the butler literally threw me out of hte house onnto the street.

She's still trapped in there.... I thought to myself. And there wasn't anything I could do about it. I headed back to the dorm continually worrying about Nicolette....If anything happens to her...

{{Open to Connor}}
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