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This drive has been amazing. Charles and I have seen a lot and we have been just about everywhere along the way.

We saw things that I would have never seen in California, like a club in oklahoma that they actually had bull riders inside the club. Now mind you Charles insisted we leave quickly, but I thought it was interesting. There was also this place downtown by where the hotel was that is a garden inside a "crystal bridge" and may other places.

Now mind you this was in Oklahoma city, most people would think country and there wouldn't be nice things, but the hotel we stayed in was one of the nicest I had ever seen. We stayed in the Sheraton hotel Presedential Suite. I couldn't believe that we even ended up in this room, it just happened the moment I handed them the credit card they seemed to just jump to attention and rush to please us and our every need.

I have to say though this room was amazing, it had better furniture than any home I had ever lived in, and the robes they gave us, oh my goddess, they were so plushy and warm. I definatly have to convince Giles to let us come and stay here again soon..or find one in Georgia to stay in. Ok so I have become Cordelia over night. I have turned into someone who likes to be pampered...Sue me!

Other than that the trip has been rather boring. I have to admit though, that no matter how nice the hotels have been, and the gorgeous sites we have seen, I was thrilled to be somewhere that was fixed. I was sick of being in a car with a trailer behind it, sick of having to stay in contact with Giles and telling him why we were stopping so much. I think on some level that he knew that if we didn't stop as much Charles wouldn't make it, so he understood...on some level.

We pulled up to the Angel's house, the movers had apparently been there, cars were in both driveways and the houses were furnished, but the one thing they didn't inform us of was there weren't enough rooms before we started carrying things in so I had to carry it all back out. Charles seemed upset, though he seemed to accept it anyway. "You know...you can stay in the house I am in. If anything, you can stay in the room for me, I don't mind the couch for a while. I--If you want." I said nervously. "I..I mean, I don't know what the other house looks like, but I will figure something out for you."

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