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Well that was...interesting

I finished my lunch, and my conversation with Nicolette. She ended up taking the table next to mine and we talked over our food. Boy, could she eat! She's like a bottomles pit, stick thin, and not even a slayer! I think I would know. She was...interesting...to say the least. There was something about that girl that just made me go "What the?" Weird. Obviously not a vampire, it was sunny out. I just dont know. Maybe I'm a little off 'cause this town gives me the wiggins.

I made my way through town and did a little shopping. I picked up a top and some boots. Just 'cause I could, really. After that I went back to the house, it was still a mess from moving, everything was still in boxes.

"Home sweet home...okay maybe not."

I went into my room and dropped my bags off. It was a nice house, I loved it. My room was cool too. Nice view, big bed, huge bathroom and closet! Just what I liked. I decided to go into the bathroom and take a hot shower. My shoulders were tense and I needed to loosen them up. Lighting a few vanilla candles, I turned the lights in the bathroom low and soked for a good hour. I was a bit pruny after, but I felt so good. I slipped into my robe and went back into my room. As soon as I hit the bed, the phone rang.


I went and answered it.


"You win."

It took me a second to recognize the voice.


"Where do we meet you at when we get there?"

I smiled. She decided to come after all. Hopefully it wont be that big of a problem having her here.

"3045 College heights. I'll be here when you arrive."

We hung up. I blow dried my hair and got dressed. After I was ready, I went and sat on the porch, waiting for them to get here.

[[open to Angelina and Caitlen]]
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