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I woke up and it was a normal morning. Jackie already gone and her side of the room all perfect. My side of the room? Well, lets just say its not my highest priority. Stumbling out of bed and into the bathroom to get ready. The shower was hot and steamy. Just how I like it. I got out, blowdried my hair pin straight, then curled it perfectly.

"God I love being drop dead gorgeous."

Didnt need much makeup. Just some mascara, blush and lipstick. All a girl really needs. Last was clothing. I opted for a pair of low rise jeans and a black low-cut top paired with my boots. Couldnt help but blow a kiss at my reflection in the mirror.

I grabbed my purse and got ready to leave when soemthing caught my eye. There was an envelope on the floor. Picking it up, I knew who it was from. There was no mistaking that red ink.

Be at the house at 4pm SHARP. Skip any and all classes that you have to in order to be here. This is not a game. Those who think it is will be eliminated. Remember your dear uncle?

-The Harts

"Well doesnt that sound foreboding?"

I knew they werent happy. I could tell. They didnt send notes like that for fun. I just hope that nobody gets killed over it.

I walked out to the parking lot and hopped in my car. Nervously, I started up the car and drove to the Harts' home. it was massive. Like a palace, really. I guess you make the big bucks in the murdering business.

Parking in the courtyard, I got out of the car bringing my purse. I slowly made my way to the door. As I walked I saw a familiar figure and smiled faintly as I got closer.

*knocks the giant doorknocker*

[[open to Drake and the Harts]]
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