Nicolette Pierce (beautyimpaled) wrote in taintedsprings,
Nicolette Pierce

What a week!

School started and thats going dandy, I guess. Not failing anything yet. So thats a plus!

I did meet this hot guy though. Turns out I already kinda knew him.

The sex was hot, there will be WAY more of those encounters!

I hadnt seen Jackie for a bit, which was no problem. Made it easier to live my minion-y life. I wonder what the Harts have in store for us now? More killing? I hope so, cause then I can only imagine the things me and Drake would do to eachother after the thrill of murder.

"Sweet, sweet murder of innocent girls...mmmm..."

I licked my lips and thought of the possibilities. I went under my bed and pulled out my little locked box and opened it. It had all my pictures in it that I didnt want anyone to see. Pictures we took the night of the murders, pictures of the Harts marking us with the tattoos on the base of our arms, and at the bottom, a picture of my uncle.

"You were stupid to do what you did."

I kissed his picture and placed it aside. Dad gave me Uncle John's minion memorabillia when we buried what we found of him. An arm here, leg there. part of his torso. Mountain lion is what the newspaper said. But we knew...we all knew.

"But I still love you. Miss you too."

I put everything back in the box when I heard someone coming to the door. Well, I thought I heard someone anyways. I locked the box back up and slid it under my bed. I showered and changed. I had some time until my next class, so I decided to take a little walk outside. It was a good day to do that, little bit of a breeze and everything.

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