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I've gotta get outta here....

I've been stuck inside this dorm for 3 days. Why the hell would I allow myself to do this, when I have plenty of opportunities to get out...and enjoy myself in this one Starbucks town when no-one else is here? Well I have my own reasons.

I take out my guitar and strum a few notes clearing my mind. I met my roomate earlier, Connor. He seemed down to earth, we talked a bit, worked around the subject of his parents...don't know why...but hell, I don't even know my parents...not that I want to now. Grew up in an orphanage, now I'm on my own, i'm doing fine.

Just fine.

I had to put on a charade that I was just like everyone else in this insane little town. A perfect little Christian boy who loves the Lord and all that crap. Hope I didn't scare him, didn't wanna make myself look too suspicious. He may be smart. But still I gotta establish a sort of buddy-buddy relationship with the kid if the plan was gonna go through succesfully.

God I'm gonna be sick...

I put my guitar away, and went down to my mailbox in the dorm lobby and saw that I got my schedule...

PSYCH 211 - Psychology in the Media
ENG 212 - Advanced Writing
MUS 314 - Notation
UNIV 111 - Underclassman Representation

Why the hell did I take that last class? I don't even LIKE beign a leader, but the Harts are making me take it...and who am I to argue with them...whatever, the sooner I get my degree, the sooner I can get out of this godforsaken (no pun intended) place, move to L.A. start a band and make it big....with the Harts help of course this could be done sooner than I expect....

I'm bored...I can't stay in this damn room for another fucking minute. I've gotta get outta here.

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