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The first day of classes

Being in this small town the last few weeks preparing for my students and my lessons has been a learning expierence. I have learned that I detest being this secluded little town with no shopping and no fine restaurants. I can't believe that there is truly a danger in this town, so far all that I have seen is students praying and worshiping their God. I know better than to believe that they are innocent and I do know that the deaths of Kenney and Ronna were not accidents as the police of this hideous town said, but I don't believe that they are demonic, atleast not from what I have seen so far.

I know that no matter what I have to focus on the mission. Focus on what is to come, I know that Mr Giles wouldn't have come here if there wasn't a danger, I just wish it was a bit more obvious, like possibly showing itself at all. I will just as I said before have to focus on the students I have, watching each of them to show signs of evil doings, and possibly teach them a thing or two.

My first class is today at 8 am, I do hope that these students have some understanding of the english language, and possibly the finer art of poetry, I couldn't believe that people from a town like this had much else to do, so possibly I will come across some brilliant minds. One can only hope that is.

[[open for anyone who is in my class :-)]]
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