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Move-In Day...Yipee

Drum. Color me not too excited. I had been hoping for a private room, but no, I get to room with this girl named Jackie. havent met her yet, but I know I'm not gonna be all "Oh my god! Lets be best friends for life!" and giggle like a giddy school girl. Ugh. And if she's like that...I may just have to kill her.....

The parents are annoying as ever lately.

"Oh Nicolette, you're almost done with college, dont screw it up, okay?"

Why would I do that? Honestly, screwing up in college and going here longer means that I have to stay in this hellhole longer. And while the Harts may want me to, I dont think that I will. You never know, but still. I want OUT. Fashion design, here I come. That'll be sure to rip mom and dad's little hearts out. Their "sweet little country girl going to the big city." Whatever.

*Nicolette wanders around the room, placing her things amongst the room. Hairbrushes and accessories in a red basket in the bathroom. Clothes in the closet, and nice new down pillows on the bed. The BIG bed.

"Advantage of getting here first, hun. Laying claim on your property."

Ah, the good old schedule of classes:

EN390 : Shakespeare. Goodwin. 12:45-1:35 MWF
EN330: Poetry. Whitney. 8:00-8:50 MWF
EN431: Romantic Literature. Whitney. 1:45-3:00 TTH
FR213: Intermediate french. Garside. 8:00-9:15. TTH

Mom threatened to take another French class this semester rather than next, "Or else." Yeah, I'd LOVE to see what she meant by that. but I cant risk anything. Her snooping into my room at home or anything. Cause lord knows she will, and if she, she'd never find it.

[[open to anyone...jackie?]]
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