Faith Lehane (slayergal_faith) wrote in taintedsprings,
Faith Lehane

Makin' the rounds ....

One thing about being a slayer, you can smell death, like most people smell rain, and it was getting closer and closer to Jackson.

Okay I didn’t like this whole stitch as ‘dorm mother,’ my only experience with college had been visiting B’ after the hole coma episode, and the movies I’d seen, and not even going into my experiences with my mother, yeah what a freaking role model she was, but I’d agreed to this, even it wasn’t my bag, and yeah well slacking wasn’t something I did, running, fighting and slaying, yeah those I did, and a couple of other hobbies, I rather liked to indulge.

Being in a dorm with a bunch of girls was like well PMS city, and I avoided it as much as I could, cause yeah, I don’t do that, and not share gal, I was so not the slayer for this, but if B’ could do it, then fuck it, so could I.

Usually the halls were never quiet, but today there was, it was as if it were the witching hour, but outside the sun was shining and the birds were singing, and I was walking do the silent halls waiting for some spectre to jump and it did.

The scent of death still hung heavily in the air, but try as I might, I could tell where it was coming from, the dorm, by all appearances was silent as a tomb, and for now as safe as one, I choose to venture out into the campus and breathe.
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