Nicolette Pierce (beautyimpaled) wrote in taintedsprings,
Nicolette Pierce


Immense amounts of pain. My back hurt from the lashings that Mr. Hart gave me. Most of the actual cuts healed, but there was bruising. And it wasnt going away for a while. And then there were my...nether regions. THAT is an entirely different kind of hurt. I couldnt even say what he put down there to torture me. But it doesnt hurt as bad as it did. And thats saying alot.

I finally got let go. Cant say that I'll ever cross the Harts like i did EVER again. Not worth the beatings and rape. I can only pretend to like it so much. I couldnt just go back to school, though. Not with all the bruises and cuts. People would ask questions. Especially Jackie. That girl just gets at my last nerve. I cant afford to have anyone suspicious of what Im doing...

So I stayed at this little cottage that my dad has on the side. Mom doesnt know about it, and its for the best. Any time that we have any trouble with the Harts and need to get away for a little bit, thats where we go. We get time to heal and dont get bothered by anyone. Its kinda theres cable tv.

After a week I decided it was time to go back to school so Jackie wouldnt get TOO suspicious. Theres only so much caring for a sick uncle you can do. It was almost exactly the same as when I left. Except her side of the room seemed to have gotten even cleaner. how is that possible??? I went in the bathroom and took a shower. While I was in there I remembered something...


I hadnt seen him since the Harts seperated us to do their dirty deeds! I wonder where he is now...

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