Buffy Summers (badass__buffy) wrote in taintedsprings,
Buffy Summers

I sat in the back of Angel's car with Cordy, neither one of us talking or even looking in the others direction. Every now and then I caught Angel glancing in the rear view mirror at us. Maybe I was crazy, but I think he might have actually been scowling. It didn't matter. I didn't trust her and that's that. I mean how can Angel be so blind? Cordelia, who may I remind you is supposed to be dead, just shows up out of the blue and everything is supposed to be peachy keen? Give me a break.

I looked down at my feet and realized that if anything good was gonna come out of today at least it would be a new pair of shoes 'cause God knows I needed them. When I looked back up I saw the "mall" if you could call it that. My God even Sunnydales mall was bigger then this. I couldn't help but smile though. Cordelia perfered the finner things in life and she was not going to be happy about this place. Which made my day...a little.

Finally I chanced a glance in her direction. Her face was expressionless. If Angel was right about her, she really had changed, but I was betting more on demon invasion of the body snatcher variety.

"Disappointed?" I asked her in the most friendly voice I could muster up.

((Open to Cordy & Angel...))
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