Gwen Raiden (shockingly_gwen) wrote in taintedsprings,
Gwen Raiden


I dropped my digits down on Ang's dresser and bailed. If she wanted to lock herself inside her own head so be it! If she didn't need to be committed before she was certainly on the right track to it now! Part of me wanted to turn around and not give up on her, but the better half of me just wanted to tell her exactly where to stick her emotional issues.

I turned around twice in the hallway, both times coming damn close to going back in, and both times I threw my hands in the air and walked away again. I wasn't good at this sort of thing. I had no idea what to say to her, which was obvious by her reaction to my trying to help. Yep, big help I was. But damnit, she was my sister. I couldn't just leave her here to raise Caitlin on her own. I mean, I'm sure she's capable of doing it and what the hell did I know about raising kids, but I couldn't just walk away could I?

I stopped at the end of the hall and looked back at her open doorway. I felt tense and this was never good for me. This was ridiculous! Why should I care what she's going through anyway? I never cared that I didn't have a sister before, what makes this any different? It's different because I do have a sister. Two of them to be exact. I can't just walk away from family now that I know I have it.

My tension was slowly turning to loneliness, a feeling i knew all to well. Don't get me wrong, I usually didn't mind the company of my own solitude, but today things were

My eye's slowly drifted to the floor as I turned to leave. She hadn't made the attempt to come after me, so why should I bother going back to her. She had my number, she if wanted to use it, ok. If not, that's her issue now, not mine.

I took a step forward and heard the floor creak some where behind me and down the hall. I froze and held my breathe oddly hoping to hear my own voice calling out to me.

((Open to Ang..))
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