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I barely noticed anything, except the precipitation from my eyes that rolled down my face as I made my way back to my domicile. There were no utterances or any form of speaking to anyone as I walked past them towards my personal living quarters.

I even ignored Wesley as I passed him by, shutting the door behind me as I strode into the room designated for me when we relocated to this living arrangement. It was the only man made abode that I really could call my own. I stood there, fists clenched, wanting to rip everything apart and destroy it, for what is this place anyway? Like a four walled cement cage! I am godking! I deserve a palace and shrines!

I stared at myself in the mirror. I was only fooling myself. "Look at you, vile, putrid, waste of humanity! Letting these emotions drive your every action and need! You are a godking!" I screamed, my shell melting away and revealing my true form.

"It is of no consequence that your power is diminished. Your existence is still that of a godking!"

Even as I spoke those words, something deep inside of me doubted them. I cursed myself for having such conflicts. Once again, human emotion won over and before I could stop myself I had smashed the mirror, unable to continue to look at myself.

"I am a godking." I said outloud, trying desperately to believe in myself and failing miserably. Blood flowed out of my hand as I looked at it. "Weak, pathetic human, that is what I am."

[Open to Wesley, who surely heard this ruckus]
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