Spike (mad_poet_spike) wrote in taintedsprings,

Ice cream it is. We headed upstairs to the kitchen while Angelina and Gwen headed elsewhere. I hoped they were able to talk it out. I was worried about Angelina. But right now, the more important thing is keeping Caitlen from worrying too much. Ice cream is good for soothing worries. Hopefully, it would be good for getting Cait to not worry.

"I'm sure they have plenty of ice cream here, as many women that live in this place." I told Caitlen. There's probably a variety of flavors too. If Caitlen's not too picky, we'll be in business as soon as I get a look at what's in the freezer. I wondered if Illyria would want to try some ice cream. Might make her less depressed and sad.

I thought about this as we came out of the basement, and then I noticed Xander and that girl. I focused on her, smelling the air. Slayer. Of course. He can't date a normal girl, so he dates a slayer. And not only that, he bloody brings her here. Good thing Illy's looking like Fred, even if it is unsettling. I wonder what else she's seen today. I saw her look over my way, and so I busied myself with getting ice cream for Cait. I already had one slayer on my plate, and that's bloody enough.

"So Cait, any particular flavor of ice cream you like best?"

[Open to Caitlen, Illyria, Xander, and Jackie]
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