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So I'm here in Georgia and wondering why I'm here in Georgia. I haven't heard much from Angel's house, and I seem to be pulling a post Pylea Fred here, not leaving my room much except to eat and explore the house a little. And man am I enjoying my jacuzzi tub. It helps with the pain from my knee and back. I can even sink low enough to get my neck pain if I want to. It really helps me relax too.

Another thing that helps me relax is that Willow's room is just down the hall. It's nice to have a friend here. I don't know much of the others, but whenever I've run into someone, they seem nice enough. I met a girl named Angelina who's room is close to mine, and she seems alright too. And she's an exact copy of Gwen, which is freaky, let me tell you. I wonder what happened to Gwen. Anyway, I guess I need to be more social, put my charm on and try to make friends.

I just worry that I'm useless here. With my injuries, and the nightmares, I don't sleep much and I can't do much. Some days I'm just in daze and it's hard to focus. The dreams usually start with Fred and then she dissolves into a demon that's beating on me and then there's more and I wake up screaming and sweating sometimes. It's weird because I think I deserve all of this, and so I don't try so hard to deal with it or do something about it.

Oh well. I'm here, I've got to be good for something, right? I decide to walk around the house for awhile, see what's what. I walk out to the kitchen area since my stomach is a bit grumbly and I see Willow there. I can't help but smile. She's my only sunshine in this dark time of my life.

"Hey Willow, how's it goin'? I asked her as I walk, well hobble, over to her.

[Open to the lovely Willow]
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