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Books. Wesley has great enjoyment with these ink filled pages. Dull pages with nothing but facts and information. It seems to only serve the purpose of knowledge. Wesley spends hours upon hours reading these books and partaking of their knowledge. I pick up one, and start methodically read the pages, trying to understand what he finds so fascinating about them.

There's nothing in these books that I don't already know. As a godking, my knowledge has no limits. Especially knowlege of the old world, the way it used to be, the way I used to know it. This book is not relaying anything to me that is unknown or of any interest to me. I shut the book and try another one.

I hear him though he doesn't know it yet. He has caught me looking at his books, trying hard to find something, a piece of information just so I could I talk to him. It's pathetic how lonely and destitute I have become just to get him to pay attention to me and not look at me in disdain because of the shell I live in. I cannot control these feelings, and it leaves me attracted to him more and more each day.

"These books. You like them. You look in them everyday like the ink might metamorphose into new information and give you the answer you seek." I looked at him. "There's nothing here that I don't already have knowledge of. Your answer is not located here. I could help you find what you're looking for."

[Open to Wesley]
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