Riley Finn (double_o_finn) wrote in taintedsprings,
Riley Finn

Why am I here??

Coming to Georgia was a huge mistake...everything is a huge mistake...I should still be greiving over Sam....not going back to my old roots connectinng with the person I left...

After Sam died...I left the military. I was done. I couldn't do it anymore, seeing the death, monsters...I vowed not to get innvolved in any supernatural stuff ever again. I couldn't go back to the states especially California knowing what w as waiting there. I couldn't go back and just do nothing while innocent people were getting killed. So I moved to South Africa. I don't know why, all I knew was the Military...I guess since I was helping villages back in Spain and South America I could do the same in Africa. So I did my little own Peace Core mission.

I spent a couple of months down there helping villages in need, I still had a couple of connections so I made a lot of people happy. But I wasnt happy. I was missing Sam way too much. I knew it wasn't my fault, but in some way it was. I should've been protecting her. And now she's dead...because of me.

One day something happened that I really wish didn't...I ran into a familliar face in the marketplace. Xander. He filled me in - reluctantly - about what went on after I left. He and Anya didn't get married, Willow turning evil, something about The First Evil destroying Sunnydale and taking Anya and Spike with him. solemnly I told him about Sam and we both shared a moment. I knew where he was coming from cause I went through it myself, I'm still going through it.

He asked me what I was doing here and I told him about my mission, unofficialy. He told me if I was looking to help that Giles was starting a new Watchers Council in England...well me being my stupid self figured I couldn't do much more here and flew to England to meet Giles. He stationed me there and I helped to bring the new Watchers Council in order...

Thats where I met Alexandra. In a strange way she reminded me of Sam....younger but something about her just made me smile when I first met her. She had a wonderful accent, cheery smile and a great personality. I worked with her a while, then she told me she was heading back to the states to bring the new council into order....she asked me to come with her...

I wasn't too sure about that...seeing everyone again, but again me being my stupid self said yes...and I headed on that midnight train to gerogia - so to speak - and now I'm here. Staying with Alexandra and having to face everyone again...real soon. Not so sure 'm ready for that...

Why am I here?

Cause I'm stupid thats why.

{Open to Alexandra}
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