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I woke up and it was a normal morning. Jackie already gone and her side of the room all perfect. My side of the room? Well, lets just say its not my highest priority. Stumbling out of bed and into the bathroom to get ready. The shower was hot and steamy. Just how I like it. I got out, blowdried my hair pin straight, then curled it perfectly.

"God I love being drop dead gorgeous."

Didnt need much makeup. Just some mascara, blush and lipstick. All a girl really needs. Last was clothing. I opted for a pair of low rise jeans and a black low-cut top paired with my boots. Couldnt help but blow a kiss at my reflection in the mirror.

I grabbed my purse and got ready to leave when soemthing caught my eye. There was an envelope on the floor. Picking it up, I knew who it was from. There was no mistaking that red ink.

Be at the house at 4pm SHARP. Skip any and all classes that you have to in order to be here. This is not a game. Those who think it is will be eliminated. Remember your dear uncle?

-The Harts

"Well doesnt that sound foreboding?"

I knew they werent happy. I could tell. They didnt send notes like that for fun. I just hope that nobody gets killed over it.

I walked out to the parking lot and hopped in my car. Nervously, I started up the car and drove to the Harts' home. it was massive. Like a palace, really. I guess you make the big bucks in the murdering business.

Parking in the courtyard, I got out of the car bringing my purse. I slowly made my way to the door. As I walked I saw a familiar figure and smiled faintly as I got closer.

*knocks the giant doorknocker*

[[open to Drake and the Harts]]
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I woke up this morning in a daze. The last couple of days have bee a blur, classes, bonding with Connor, sexing it up with....what was her name?? Umm Nicole?? Nicolette....yea thats it.

I woke up, washed my face and put on some clean clothes and got ready to get some breakfast downstairs when i saw a note slipped under my door.


Be at the house at 4pm SHARP. Skip any and all classes that you have to in order to be here. This is not a game. We are sad to say that we are very dissapointed in your poor behavior. You know what we're talking about. Do not be late. You know what the price is if you are.

-The Harts.

Holy fuck. I knew that this would come sooner or later...damnit. I knew they would figure out what I did and it would come back to bite me in the ass. I went through the day dreading the hour of 4. I got in my car and made my way over to the manor. I never really got over the class of the place. It defenitly looked like someone important lived there. No-one could doubt that.

Parking in the courtyad I made my way to the door as I saw Nicolette knock the creepy doorknocker liek the ones you see in those scary movies and the door opens by itself.

"You got one of these too I suppose?" I said comming up to her with a cute smirk on my face.
When he spoke I got chills. Something about the guy just made me want to jump his bones all the time.

"Uh..yeah. Do you know whats going on?"

I was nervous. I knew it was nothing good that they were inviting us here for. If it was nothing, they'd have us go to the flower shop.
I looked down at my invitation again, no need to inform her that the Harts were intent on kicking my ass....

"No, not a clue. But it must be pretty important summoning us to the manor and all..." I said with a hint of confidence in my voice...

A confidence that was totally fake.
Wow. He sounded a little shakey. A minion, shakey. Guess he thought they were gonna rip him to shreds with me as a witness? Who knows.

"Can they open the damn door? I want to know why the urgency!!"

I used the knocker again. I heard shuffling in the house but who knows when theyd answer the damn door.


I looked over to him and wanted to take him right there and right then. He looked so damn hot.
A dark haired man appeared at the door. "Master Hart is expecting you." He said as he led the two through the house.

The house like a maze was very confusing and one could not run away easily. The butler, Franklin, which seemed fitting for their location, led the two into an enclosed room. "Sit, Masters and Madame Hart will be with you shortly. I advise you to prepare for they are not pleased."

With that the man left shutting and locking the doors behind him.
I looked over at Nicolette before the door opened and I knew what she was thinking....hell I was thinking the same thing...only about her. But we had business to attend to, and if my life was spared....then we could finish was we started a few days ago.

The door opened and the butler I was used to seeing was standing there in all his butler glory. Master Hart is expecting you." he said.

"Thank you Bonsworth!" I sad with a pitch of annoyance in my voice. That guy always creeped me out. He led us to an enclosed room, which was not helping my thoy of getting my ass kicked. Bonsworth let us know that the Harts were not pleased...though I alreayd knew that information through the letter they sent me.

He left and it was just me Nicolette in the small yet comfy room....awaiting certain doom.
That Franklin guy took us into a room and told us that the Harts would be there soon. And locked the door behind him.


"Did he just lock that door?!!?"

Guess any hope that the Harts' weren't mad at us was gone.

"Well....what can we do?"

I sat next to Drake and put my hand on his thigh. Trying to comfort myself.
Moments passed and the door made a sound. A key being placed in it then silence. Was there hope that they could just leave now? Not remotely. The doors burst open and Old man Hart walks in looking less than thrilled.

"I see that you received my notes. I can guess you know I am not the least bit thrilled." He said seeing the two fumble to cover for their indescretions within the walls of the palatial room they were locked in.
That dude always creeped me out. Even when he dosn't speak, his whole demeanor makes me get goosebumps. I trembeled a little with Nicolettel's hand on my thigh as he entered.

He scowled at us letting us know that he was very very unhappy.

Think of an excuse Manning....just think of a good excuse! One side of my brain thought.

</i>Dumbass!! He's gonna figure it out! Just go with the truth, don't lie to the Harts....they'll have you incenerated! You can't be that dumb!</i>.

I didn't know what to do. SO i decided I was gonna wing it until he asked me what the hell I was thinking.

Oh please God, don't let him ask me what the hell I was thinking...
when old man Hart came bursted into the room, my hand automatically retreated from Drake's thigh.

What the hell would I have done to make the Harts mad at me??? Unless they dont like me sleeping with Drake....

"Uh...Hi Mr...Hart..."

He was the worst of the bunch. I hated being around him...
"I see that you can not control your desires, I believe the two should be seperated." I said as my Son walked in the room followed my daughter in law.

"Son, you take this one." I said grabbing the girl by the arm and pushing her to my son who dragged her from the room.

"You take him." I motioned to my daughter in law as I grabbed him by the collar and dragged him to another room. Sitting him in a chair and chaining his arms and legs in place now was time for his lesson.

I left the room leaving her to her duty, she would make him pay for all he has done.
We couldn't control our desires??? What the fuck is that supposed to mean??? Old Man Hart was seriously starting to get on my nerves...but i didn't have time to think further because before I knew it, Nicolette w as being drug out of the room by his Old Man Hart's son.

He then grabbed me by the collar and dragged me to another room. If I wasn't to valvuable of my life I would've clocked the old fogie. He threw me to a chair and chained me up.

They're going to torture me.....fuck.

Damnit knew this was going to happen when you took that stupid slayer girl alone.

He smiled and left passing Mrs. Hart comming into the room.

I smiled as I walked over to Drake. My hand lightly ran across his shoulders. "Do you know how much trouble you are in?" I asked "Care to explain yourself?" I left it vague to see if he hangs himself.
Eww eww eww eww ewwww!

If she wasn't my damn supierior I would've had her thrown out the door...but I get killed if I even thought that...


"I aploligize mistress...I didn't know I was doing any wrong." I lied through my teeth
"You knew full well you were in the wrong." I said as I smacked him across the face. "Tell me what you hoped to accomplish other than fulfilling the needs...of..." I reached down and took him in my hand squeezing firmly.

"I think you get my point." I added as I released his now hardened penis from my hand. "tell me how you are going to make up to me what you have done."
Ow! Okay she was seriously starting to piss me off! Though I couldn't bring myself to think about it...

"I hoped..." I said as I looked up at her innocently - testing my power - "to make it easier for the others if I lured the bitch away from her friends."

I smiled and laughed a little. "You know how I get when I'm....aroused"
I was pleased to have the girl, she would be fun to play with, knowing she shouldn't say no to me I would do anything I wanted.

Dragging her from the room I led her to another dark room setting her in a chair and returning to the door locking it tight. I raise my hand and a wall slides down in front of it, she couldn't get out now, no matter what.

"What do you have to say for yourself?" I ask as I aproach her my hand sliding down the side of her cheek over her neck on down over her shoulder.
"What do you have to say for yourself?"

I sat there, trmbling a little. Who knows if he'd kill me or not.

"What did I do?"

I didnt think id done anything to piss the Harts off. I thought I'd learned something from my uncle.
I pulled a chair close to where she sat and sat down myself facing her. My hand sliding down her gorgeous body, loving what I saw. "It has been told to me that the ones you were ordered to torture and kill were not killed according to our guidelines. Do you know anything about Mr Manning taking one of the girls away?"

I asked her this knowing full well she did know. While she thought I moved my hand slowly back up her arm then allowed the back of my fingertips to run down over her left breast. This woman was far too beautiful for her own good.
"I uh..."

I only knew what Drake told me when we found out that we were both minions.

"Just a little bit?"

I wanted this to be as quick and as painless as possible. But as he ran the back of his hand down my breast, I knew that wasnt possible.

"He only told me a little bit about it a few days ago..."
"And you didn't feel the need to inform us?" I asked still running my hand over her body. "You know the punishment for not informing us of indescretions of our employees?" I asked.

I was going to train this girl properly, she would learn to accept her place in our business. I was certain she had learned her lesson from what happened to her uncle, but it seems that the only way this girl learns is through touch, she will learn soon.

I paused as he touched me. Ew.

"He made it sound like you guys already knew what he did. Like he was ousted a bit when you guys found out...."

This guy was not attractive in the least. And he wasa touching me. Ew
I moved my hand to her cheek caressing down to her chin then grabbed her twisting her so she looked directly in my eyes. "Now think hard Miss Pierce" I said as I firmly held her in place. "Does it matter what you think?" I asked.

"No, it doesn't matter one bit what you think, what matters is what we think. From this day on you will inform us no matter what You think." I then looked her directly in the eyes.

"You didn't answer my question. Do you know the punishment for your indescretions?" I asked again this time making it completely about her. "Remember Miss Pierce who you work for, who owns you. Your punishment is at my will, I think you need further lessons in that." I said as I let go of her face then stood up. "I think you need a reminder who owns you...better from me than my father. He would be less kind."

Fuck yeah it matters what I me. But if I want to live, I need to play by his rules. I looked down a little. By the roughness of his touch, I was thinking torture.

"Are you going to..torture me?"

Now, rough play is totally my thing. I just dont find Mr. Hart attractive enough.
"No...well possibly if you don't do what I want." I said as I pulled her from the chair. "You are mine, you will always be mine, I own you. Don't forget that!" I said as I pointed to the floor

"On your knees. Show me how sorry you are." I said as I waited for her to get on her knees and make amends to me.


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