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So here we are, on our way back to Franklin Springs, no slayer with us, no sister of a slayer, just us on our way back to the town that cable forgot...ok well they have cable, but still it isn't like we really wanted to be in this town. Luckily we do have an actual home to go to, well I do, Buffy gets to go back to the dorm and play boss to all the girls in the dorm. She should be used to this by now being as she basically did this back in Sunnydale, but this time seemed so different.

This time Buffy wasn't training slayers, she was actually being all secret agenty trying to figure out who killed Kennedy and Ronna. The only person I was most worried about in this little mission of ours is Willow, she is a powerful witch and we are in the holy land here..well as holy as a Christian college town could be, how did Giles think this town would react if they found out? It really didn't seem to matter, Willow as all for this mission, and Giles wouldn't let her get hurt, atleast I hope thats the case.

It wasn't a long trip before we were back in good old Franklin Springs. I dropped Buffy off at the dorm and made my way to the address Giles gave me. It was a nice house, and looked like it was big enough for the whole group. It was only Angel and his team, Giles and I that would be living there anyway, unless Giles had plans to get another house, but I wasn't aware he had the money for that. I guess there was a lot about the council I didn't know.

There was a note on the counter when I finally walked inside, it said I should pick a room, that I should also go with one of the special cars and get Spike and the weird blue chick, Wesley and some horned green guy, I don't know why I wasn't getting Angel too, but I wasn't complaining, I still don't like the guy. Now I just had to put up with the peroxided pest and these other three long enough to get them to this house. God, have I mentioned I hate being Giles' errand of these days I will be seen as more.

[[open to Lorne, Illyria, Spike, and Wesley This is the house that Angel's team will be staying in.]]
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