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We were making good time for all the times we had stopped. It had been two days on the road and we had had a great time stopping and resting when we needed to and stopping and shopping when we wanted to. Gunn seemed to be enjoying the ride, though I could tell he would have rather taken an airplane and gotten there quickly, but it wouldn't have been as interesting that way. You couldn't see the sites on the way there in an airplane so in the long run this is more fun.

Two days down the road and several states later we were stopped in Oklahoma City. I don't know why I chose to stop here, but it seemed nice and there were quite a few hotels that we could stay in that weren't gross and were still inexpensive. Once we found the right one I parked the uhaul and went in getting us both rooms thankfully this one had rooms on the first floor so we didn't have to lug our things up stairs or in Gunn's case in an elevator.

I hated that he was in so much pain, that two years later he was still suffering from the battle in LA, I wanted nothing more than to be able to heal him, but I had to have his permission before I did anything. I had been working on my powers for years, learning how to control what power I had. I even learned to do new things including healing. I had always thought it impossible magickally to heal someone instantly, but when I went to study in the Himalayas I learned a considerable amount. It also helped me to deal with Kennedy leaving and what have you.

I guess once we get settled I will get a chance to talk to him about this, to tell him how I feel and what I want to do, but I don't know if he will go for it. Remembering when I was in LA to reensoul Angel, he didn't seem too fond of the magicks I was performing, so I wonder if I shouldn't just let this go...Well I guess I will just have to work up to it. Yeah I can hear it now..."Hey, so how are you liking this trip so far? Good, well thats great, hey do you mind if I magickally heal you?" Ok so I have to word it better than that but yeah thats basically how it will go.

[[open to Gunn]]
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