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Searching for Rogue Slayer

Giles and his missions. Who am I kidding. I hadn't had a real mission from Giles in the longest time. In fact, I almost missed it. Actually, being in the car with Xander kinda made it feel like old times.

Sunnydale times.

Sure, they weren't the greatest. But I had the gang with me. Giles, Xander, Willow, Dawn. That was my family.

My head bobbed lightly to the music in the car. It was kind of a drive to wherever it was that Giles wanted us to look for the Faith-like girlrouge slayer.

Actually, I think Xander coming along wasn't just because of the old-times, keeping in small groups kinda method. Buffy and cars? Bad, bad, bad combination. I mean, I could drive. I knew how to move the steering wheel, press the gas, and all of that other stuff. I just couldn't do it well.

Well, that didn't matter. The Xan-Man was here. With all his driving ablities. Besides. Looking for that girl and her sister would've been kinda boring by myself. Not that saving people was boring. I just like company while doing it. Well, sometimes. Bah! There I go again. Confusing myself.

So. Right. Back to thinking about the girl. Angelina, or Angie. Something like that. Giles said something about her taking care of her little sister. It was kind of depressing. But, that's what we were here. To save her! Or, I think possibly to stop her from being her rougueness of a slayer. And have her help with the new problem.

I glanced at the drivers seat, of which Xander was in.

"So, think she'll give us any problems?"
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