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So I am still hiding from Charles. No I don't regret what we did, I just worry things will be different now. I mean thats obvious, yes it will be different, why wouldn't it? Question is will it be so different that he will be weird around me, or is it me who is the one being weird. He isn't the one avoiding me, I am avoiding him worried about what would happen. Maybe I should just go find him and ask him what he thinks of all of this, but what if he has regrets? Ok Willow, get a grip and just go ask him.

As I head out to find him, to find the man that made me believe in men again I run into a strange man who was really happy and thanking me for something. I didn't have the first clue of who this was, and was ready to send him packin, and by packin I mean turn him into something squishy. "Who are you?" I finally ask and he just gives me a look as if I should know who the heck he was. "OK look, I don't have the first clue of who you are so can you just stop bouncing long enough to tell me?" Ok so I was kind of bitchy, so sue me.

((open to Lorne))
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