Mr. Congeniality (lornegreen) wrote in taintedsprings,
Mr. Congeniality

Sobriety - It does a body good.

Magic. Let me tell you. I could never quite grasp the immensity of what it could do, until I woke up this morning.

I went to bed last night, like I do every other night, except this particular night I wasn't horns deep in my liquor cabinet and when I did fall asleep, it wasn't on the couch with my tequila bottle. I made a promise to Willow, in a kind of I scratch her back, and in return, she gives me a whole body massage and an entire day at the spa. Hypothetically speaking, because her end of the bargain definately paid off.

When I woke up this morning, it was different for two reasons. The first being I was in my bed and my head wasn't spinning, (You can thank sobriety for that one) and the second was, well, I felt different. To reiterate, I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes, yawned, stretched, you know - the typical routine. I didn't actually notice anything though until I had rubbed my forehead and realized it was smoothe. You know, sans the horns. Kind of frightening, to say the least, when you realize your horns are missing. Especially since you've had them your whole life.

So as I am sitting there, frantically feeling my forehead, I pull my hands away and notice they're not exactly green. Pink, to be exact. I look down at my chest - pink as well. My arms, too.

I threw off my covers, ran to the mirror and what did I see? A big brown pair of eyes staring back at me. A different face. A human face.

And let me tell you, good God, I am gorgeous.

I can't describe to you the feeling. I was elated, to say the least, but scared at the same time. Whose face was this? Was it borrowed from someone else? Or is this an accurate representation of what I would look like if I really were born a human being? Was I in someone else's skin, or was I in my own? Willow said this would be a glamour, (And oh, Honey, I do feel glamourous, don't get me wrong) but I wasn't exactly sure if I should feel weirded out by it all, or just happy that I could, well, leave the house.

Either way, I didn't care. In my excitement, I got myself dressed, and went off to find someone, anyone, that I could show off the new and improve me to.
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