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It's over. It's all over.

For me anyway. I was so stupid. I havent seen the Harts for a while, so I was just doing my own thing, doin what I wanted to do. It was a good time anyway, every killing after the other just gave me more freedom since I wasn't getting caught. It gave me a sort of thrill, a sense of feeling if you will and it was taking control of me. And I liked it.

The thing was, I was doing it without Nicolette, I didn't know what happened with her, I havent seen her around for ages, and I missed her. Yea I said it, I missed her. I havent missed anyone in my life...ever. I've always lived for me, and no-one but. But she brought something else to the table, something different, new. She filled a portion of me that has been void for some time -- and I sound like a complete poof. God I needed something other than this. I didn't know where she went, or why she bothered not to tell me, but whatever...I could get on find without her.

Well I thought I could. One night after getting back from a fresh massacre, a couple who were just asking for it, I came back hoping that Connor wasn't in the room so I could just enjoy myselfl. I come open the door and find a note on the ground in the dark. I opened it tentively knowing full well who it was from. It read:


You know why we are writing you. You know what you are doing. This is your last warning, come to the house immediately for punishment.


I crumpeled the note and threw it away. I was tired of this shit. I packed my bags and said so-long to this God-forsaken (literally) town. I hopped the first train outta town taking me somewhere in Pennsilvania. I got off the train and checked into a motel to begin mapping out where I was going from there, I was tired of playing by the Harts rules, and doing their bidding. It was time to really start living my own life.

No sooner than thinking that thought when I heared a knock on the door. I went and opened it and there stood Mr. Hart himself. Damn I thought. I was almost free. I knew these were going to be my last moments, so I milked them for all I could.

He did his usual talking down to me, how I was worthless and how I would never amount to anyhting and how he never knew why he hired me in the first place, I responded with my usual back-talk and he responsed his his usual hitting me across the face. But this time I was ready. My fist fired up and I counterd with an attack across the face leaving him with a scar. He retaliated quickly and slashed me in the gut and the throat. I went down without hesitation.

Can't say that my life flashed before my eyes, because I had no life. My life belonged to the Harts and I regretted that, but no time for that now. I heard him say something to the manner of "This death dosn't even suit you, you waste of breath" or something. Not that I cared cause hey, I was dying. But then I heard him say "Atleast the girl learned from her beatings..." That caught my attention. That bastard, he...with Nicolette. I felt the blood leaving my body and I thought about the Harts, Nicolette, the slayers we killed, our time together the thought of Mr. Hart violating her like the sick bastard he is. I closed my eyes and let go. My life as I knew it was over...

before it even began.
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