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Another day, and another excuse to get out of that dorm. It's not that bad really. Actually growing kind of fond of some of those boys. The educator in me I guess. But the reality is I wasn't sent here to baby sit. I was sent here to identify a problem and get rid of it. Might not be a watcher, a slayer, or the new vogue of the moment, a vampire, but I was gonna do just that. My mother didn't die for nothing. And she sure as hell didn't die so Spike could have a fancy new coat. Her life, and her death taught me something. I may have not understood it when I was young; may have even hated her for it. Yeah, not my proudest moment... But the lesson is sometimes you gotta do things; things you might not like- You might even have to associate with a few people you don't like, no names, for the greater good.

So yeah, maybe I'm not a slayer. My mother was, and the man who raised me; one of the best watchers I've ever known. No offense to Giles. So tonight, I think I'm gonna do some damage. No, tonight I will do some damage. And then possibly get very drunk. But that's another story.

Faith and I had agreed on a meeting place as we seem to end up bumping in to each other every time we step out the door. I'm not complaining, at least no one's paired me up with Spike as a patrol buddy. That would be cause to go get a little cranky. Okay, maybe crankier is the better term... Haven't been in the best mood lately. Haven't really been in the loop either.

I stood leaning against some statue, nothing big. Probably some clan leader or whatever the local town hero is around here. Who knows with these people? The college kids seem for the most part okay, but our visits with the local bar dwellers have proved...well, let's just say they've definitely given me a new outlook on mankind and leave it a that.

C'mon Faith, 10 minutes late. If it was anyone else I'd be worried, but Faith, she can take care of herself. She can also take me in a fight, which is why I probably wouldn't be pointing out the ten minutes late...but still.

(open to Faith)
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