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I looked through the box in amazement, seeing the papers before me. It was a birth certificate, my birthday, but the name here isn't mine. I couldn't believe that my parents had done this. I know that mom had something to do with this, my father couldn't have been this cold and heartless. What gets me most is that I have a sister one that I never even knew esisted. I think on some level I knew that she existed, it was like a constant case of deja vu, but she was never real to me. Because of this I have thought I was losing my mind, which isn't fair. While I was looking through this I could tell Spike was bored, but this was a huge discovery so I was glad he didn't say anything.

After about 30 minutes of just staring at the papers I returned my gaze to the box. That is when I noticed more papers. Thse papers showed me exactly how heartless my parents were. They had signed over all rights and there was a copy of a confidentiality agreement. It stated that in the case she ever found out she was adopted she could not attempt to locate her birth parents.

I don't know what my parents feared, why they felt they had to go to such lengths to hide from her. This all was almost too much, truths of what lengths my parents would go to hide, evade, whatever, showed me what kinds of people they were and made me remember why I could never really like them.

The only thing that I was worried about now was Cait...how is she going to take this news? How is she going to handle knowing that our parents were able to just push away our sister? I know I can count on her to be mature about it, to be strong in front of everyone else, but somehow I think it won't last.... Something in me tells me that one day she is just going to explode. I don't know that for a fact, but I think it will happen.

Right now I am more worried about getting back to the house and finding out where this girl is. I have to know her, I have to meet the girl that is the other half of me, maybe then I will know why my parents had to hide her from us. She never got to know Rebekah and Chris, but she will get to know Cait and I, if its the last thing I do. I don't know why this is so important to me, why I feel like I owe her, but I do. I guess it is because I feel like I have to show her that I am not them, that I would have been there for her if I had known.

I gather everything from the box, even the money that was shoved in there and pulled Spike by the arm back to the car. Once we were to the car I realized Spike had the keys. Rather than fight with him I decided to just let him drive and bitch about it later. I wanted to get back to the house and figure this out. I think that Spike enjoyed the chance to drive the car, he sped down the street and had us back to the house in record time.

I darted past them, but Willow and Gunn were talking in the kitchen and she suddenly shot out of her seat and I couldn't move. Ok what the hell? "Willow let me go"

She glared at me. "Are you really Angelina?"

"Yes, it is me, good god, can you let me go so I can find....wait what did you mean is it really me?"

"well, you have a twin and she is locked in the basement I used magicks in public and I didn't trust her and well I kind of was left with the choice of either letting her go and risking our cover even more or bringing her back here and locking her up and making sure she didn't tell. I know it isn't logical but hell I didn't know what else to do and....." She was about to say more but her incessant rambling was driving me even madder than I was.

"Good god Willow, breath....so she is in the basement?" I asked she nodded sheepishly. "Ok I have to go to her, don't try to stop me." She sighed and let me go I ran down the stairs and found the drama in the basement.

Shit, my sister is here, the look a like of me is here and now Illyria is here..this is going to end well.

"What are you doing in here Illyria?" Ok so it wasn't the best way to start a conversation...sue me.

[[open for Illyria, Gwen, Spike, and Cait.]]
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